Today we live in a world in which more security is needed.  People & businesses realize that they need more and more
protection in safeguarding their life and property.  
Always on demand…  It’s not a fad.

Bay Area Public Safety offers professional security services with Law Enforcement trained staff.  The Supervisory staff and
most Officers employed by Bay Area Public Safety are currently off-duty Police Officers or former Police Officers from
various Law Enforcement Agencies thought the greater Bay Area.  For those Bay Area Public Safety Officers that are not
currently full-time Police Officers for a Law Enforcement Agency, they are retired or serve as Reserve Police Officers, had
or are currently being trained as a Police Officer.  All off-duty Police Officers (regardless of law enforcement status)
employed by Bay Area Public Safety, are required by California State law to work for a state licensed Private Patrol
Operator (Security Company).  All Bay Area Public Safety Officers are currently licensed by the State of California,
Department of Consumer Affairs,  Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, regardless of their Law Enforcement
Status.  California State law requires all off-duty Police Officers posses current Guard Registration Cards and all applicable
licenses.  Not only is this California State Law, but this also relieves liability on you (the client).  

About the owner of Bay Area Public Safety and how it got started.  Michael Davidson is the owner and founder of Bay Area
Public Safety and is a former Federal Law Enforcement Officer.  Prior to his appointment as a Federal Law Enforcement
Officer, he started in the security industry.  He has worked for various companies and has been providing different types of
security giving him and his associates the experience and the knowledge many other companies do not have.  

“My career as a Police Officer with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Police and as an Inspector with U.S. Department
of Homeland Security, Federal Protective Service Police, has given me the experience & knowledge that most security
services lack".   "I enjoyed a very successful career in Law Enforcement and Security, while I assisted others with their
security companies."  Although they may have had good intentions, many of them have fallen short.  Many security
companies have become successful, and somewhere along the way, many of them have forgotten some of the
fundamentals I take pride in.

Integrity…  Service…  Honor…  Respect…  Dedication… Professionalism…
Most Importantly  "Commitment to Excellence...”

144 Continental Avenue, Suite 130, Brentwood, CA  94513  
Main (925) 634-1000    Fax (925) 634-1133
PPO Lic #17652    TFF Lic #1481
Michael E. Davidson Sr.

Bay Area Public Safety, Inc.
Proudly serving your security needs throughout the greater Bay Area & Beyond